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about ebook Authorities

Thank you for visiting eBook Authorities About Page. We are thrilled to be in a business that shows a tremendous potential for growth due to the demand in the market for authors writing Bestsellers.

eBook Authorities consists of a small talented team of professionals (graphic designer, writers, (including medical), editor/proofreader, a technology specialist, and a marketing/promotion specialist, all with years of experience.

The team was assembled to assist and guide writers, authors and others who dream of becoming authors to grow, publish and prosper with their skills.

First, we are making the process of selecting the topic/niche of your book easier and better by conducting a thorough research in your industry, along with interviewing top leaders and analyzing the competition. In addition we are developing guides for writers, freelancers, bloggers and entrepreneurs for writing desirable books, how to sell more books without additional funding or spending more time on the activities and how to help others while creating more income for themselves.  Moreover, we are developing programs for promoting and marketing your books easier, faster, and more effectively with lower expenditures.

Most companies that provide similar services are mainly interested in the publishing aspect of the business and they ignore the little details that help independent authors to sell more books.

We at eBook Authorities want to help you in every step of the way on your path toward the best-seller status of your books.

For instance, you may only need help with writing your book description on Amazon, creating a winning title for your book or only selecting the topic of your upcoming project, before you decide to start writing. We can help in each of these tasks effectively without breaking the bank (please review our services).

We can also provide support, guidance or actual “doing” with the promotion and/or marketing of your book, using our unique methods that deliver prompt results. You worked long hours on your book for months (perhaps even years) and now you are ready to start reaping your rewards. You should not need to wait for months to start earning income from your hard work. We are here to make sure that it happens in a timely fashion without any delays and with glowing results.

Professional, Personalized Service by eBook Authorities

Each member of eBook Authorities takes pride in his or her reputation in one or more areas of their expertise, so you can be assured that you are in good company.

All of our dedicated staff or consultants are based in the U.S. We are determined to produce high-quality products consistently and deliver top-notch services dependably to our valued customers. We work with individuals and small businesses with equal dedication.

We are available for consultation for any project in which we feel confident to possess expertise. (Please review our services.) We are particularly strong in the areas of writing the right books, training writers to enhance their skills, self-publishing and marketing/promoting books and other information products. Our writers, including our leader, J Georgette Grossmann have more than 65 years of experience collectively in writing diversified projects, including books, articles, medical/scientific reports, white papers, tutorials, blog posts, manuscripts, and more.

While reviewing competing companies online, we were quite frustrated to find many amateur cover designs offered as created by professionals, or published books formatted and priced inappropriately and laden with spelling and other errors. Some sites appear even to mislead readers about what a marketing and promotion plan should include.

We trust that experienced as well as “newbie” authors will recognize the difference we provide and how our services are designed to empower authors to succeed.

Currently we are focusing on working with authors of non-fiction books, but do not rule out entering the fiction writing industry in the near future.

We are looking forward working with you –
One Book, One Project, and One Author at a Time.