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Do you want to maximize your profits, not just from writing, but also from growing any type of business? If your response is a resounding, YES! Then you need to master TypeE writing.

For a writer who is a TypeE writing expert the sky is the limit on how influential a single article can be. Here are some examples.

Selling books using TypeE writing

Selling books can be one of the most challenging experiences one can have.

Most people want to be told what is exactly in the book and then they will decide if they want to buy it or not. Yet TypeE writing is selling without selling, so that will not work. Here, the goal is to create a need for the book. Consider a book on organic cleaning solutions. Here’s how you might attempt to sell it using TypeE writing:

When I challenged my colleagues that I have a much easier time to sell their book and I even will sell the books faster using my TypeE writing expertise , they laughed and declared: “It will not work.” I am going to show you Here, the goal is to create a need for the book. Consider a book on organic cleaning solutions. Here’s how you might attempt to sell it using TypeE writing:

I am going to show you here, how I proved them wrong. My goal is: creating a need for the book using TypeE writing.

Consider a book on organic cleaning solutions. Here’s how you might attempt to sell it using TypeE writing:

“I have noticed a big problem in my home. Every time I clean my house, my kids start coughing and sputtering. My own allergies start to flair up when I pull out the heavy-handed cleaning supplies. In my attempt to make my home safe and healthy for my kids, I was actually making it worse.

So, I went on a mission. I wanted to find better, less toxic, yet no-less-effective cleaning options. Do you know what I found? With things I already had around the house, like baking soda and vinegar, I could effectively clean my house from top to bottom, without the harsh chemicals that were making my family sick.

This information has changed my life. We are no longer suffering from chronic sore throats and burning eyes. Our house stays clean and sanitary, and we are able to really enjoy doing it. As an added bonus, my kids can help me to clean without fear that they will accidentally breathe in or consume some of the cleaner. All it would mean is a nasty taste in their mouths.

After this discovery, I will never go back to cleaning the old-fashioned way.

Are you tired of burning noses and harsh chemicals?

The good news is that you can clean your house effectively, with items you probably have on hand already, and ditch those nasty cleaning chemicals once and for all.”

Can you see how with a story I am selling this book? There are no words, such as “buy”, purchase, or Buy it now, because tomorrow it will not be available (this one especially most people hate and consider it a spam).

I guarantee you that the people that will purchase this book will become repeat customers. But you also have to make sure that not falling back to your old selling method.

Selling Educational Services

Most people do not see the need to further their education once they are done with college and maybe even high school. If you are trying to sell educational services, or online courses, TypeE writing can be a great tool.

Here’s how this might read:

“Have you heard about Kristina?

Kristina was struggling in building up her career, doing what she could to make ends meet while trying to improve her chances for success, but actually she was getting nowhere.

She went to work every single day, put in long hours at the office and worked hard, yet never seemed to get noticed.

Sound familiar?

Many of us can relate to Kristina. I know I could, because I was Kristina.

I was the first one to arrive to the office and the last one to leave. I made every effort to show myself on Saturdays or Sundays, to demonstrate my dedication to this job, yet when it came to promotions, somehow my name was not on that list, until finally I decided to do something about it.

I was no longer content to continue doing the same thing, and achieving no results. I decided to go back to school to improve on my education and enhance my knowledge in areas of high demand.

However, I was a mother of three young children that worked full-time onsite – I did not see how under these circumstances I could carve out time to go back to school.

Suddenly I saw an announcement online that was talking about how one can improve their life by learning new skills at the convenience of their home. No need to travel, to sit hours away from home in a class, because everything is arriving to my inbox.

Unexpectedly I had the tools I needed to finally make a difference in my career. Armed with my newly gained knowledge, I was able to stop making the same mistakes over and over again and finally I was noticed. I became in line for promotions and pay raises more frequently than I could ever imagine.

But that is not all. I started a “side-business” from my home that eventually it became my principal source of income – and we are talking about 6 figures. Now, I had more money than I could ever imagine and with this money I not only could further expand and grow my business, but I had time for vacations with my family. We started traveling to places I never thought I could and all the while my online business was thriving

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Education gained through online programs was the foundation for this huge change in my life.

If I can do it, so can you. See the type of courses we offer currently at a very reasonable price and we are constantly adding additional educational opportunities.

Needless to say, my educational programs are growing in leaps and?? and needed to hire multiple assistance to keep up with the demand.

Could you apply this to selling a membership program?

I am sure you know, that selling memberships is one of the most difficult tasks one can have. It does not matter how many times you will say, “This membership is amazing!” or “This will be your best investment, ever!” – most people feel that they have enough memberships and do not need yours. However, with your TypeE writing expertise, you can create a need for membership in the mind of your reader without blatantly attempting to sell it. Here’s how this article might read:

“Have you ever given thought to the power of a group?” In a group, people can achieve much more than they could achieve on their own.

Say you are trying to recruit new people to work with you in a membership program. When you approach potential members with your story of success, this becomes a powerful draw.

However, still many people will not be impressed with a story that is only backed by you. If you are attempting to attract new members to your membership program with your personal story only, your results will be dismal.

However, if you can recruit some of your members that already know and trust you, to assist you in your enrollment effort, the drawing power increases substantially.

When you are approaching a potential member as a “group”, your “word” becomes significantly more powerful because it has the group-power behind it.

When you are asking your potential new members about how they would feel after realizing that they can conquer just about anything as a member of your group, what you think their answer will be: “Sign me up, Please!

How they would like to be surrounded by a group of diversified experts, getting the answers to any question they may have, instantly. This is the power of a group, and it is power that you can have when you will join us.

People love the feeling of empowerment that comes from belonging to a group, and as such they may be more prone to join your group, just for the sake of “belonging.”

In each of these scenarios, a real-life story engages and educates the reader.

In a way these are also entertaining.

At the end of each story, the reader has a need for the product being sold, even though it was not directly sold. This is the power of TypeE writing, and it is a powerful way to increase your income significantly. If you have yet not embraced it, now is the time to do so!

Question: Would you be interested to register to a course where we would teach TypeE writing? Would you prefer a home study or a live program? How many days could you devote to a course like that? How much money would you pay for this type of course?



4 Secrets of a Successful “Newbie” Medical Writer


Work-at-home moms who have the ability to write well can earn an excellent income by focusing their energies on becoming qualified, quality medical writers. Yet many beginning medical writers wonder just how they can get started and enjoy that higher compensation quickly, even without a lot of experience. They see job ad after job ad looking for “experienced medical writers,” and they just don’t fit the bill.

The key for you as a newbie focusing on getting quality gigs is learning how to sell yourself as a medical writer. With the right marketing focus, you can transform yourself from a WAHM who is making peanuts writing content, or even a SAHM who is earning nothing, to a writer with a lucrative career in the field of medical writing.

Before taking a closer look at how you can sell yourself as a newbie medical writer, you must first understand the skills you need to be a medical writer. The only way you will sell yourself in this profession is if you are confident in your skills. Beginning medical writers must have the following skills:

  • Ability to write well – Medical writing has hither-than-average compensation, and as such the people who will hire you expect strong writing skills. Brush up on your writing skills if you need to.
  • Understanding of medical terminology – You do need a basic understanding of medical terminology for this field of writing. You’ll often be called on to take documents written for medical professionals and translate them into language the general population can understand. Pick up a few medical glossaries to help.
  • Strong research abilities – You’ll need to be able to research through medical databases and identify quality reports and articles. With medical writing, a simple Google search isn’t sufficient, so you’ll need training to learn how to research well.

So how does a newbie become a medical writer? It doesn’t require specialized training and a degree in a medical field. If you have these skills, you can transform yourself into a medical writer with the help of our coaching services.

Secret 1 – Adjusting Your Resume and CV

The first step in transforming yourself into a medical writer is adjusting your resume and CV. These needs to highlight those three skills mentioned above and any medical writing experience you have, however small. Part of our medical writing coaching service includes help with tailoring your resume and CV to this field and gaining some introductory experience.

Secret 2 – Creating an Online Persona

The next step in getting hired as a medical writer is creating an online persona that shows your skills as a medical writer. This does not mean you need a penname and fictional avatar. Rather, it means that you are careful and strategic about the way you present yourself online.

So, specifically, how can you do this? Consider the following areas:

  • Social media – Whether you set up a professional page on Facebook or update your profile on LinkedIn, highlight your abilities as a medical writer. As you interact with social media, make your focus the medical industry. Did you come across an interesting journal on a medical topic? Share it with your social media sites. The more active you are in the medical writing community, the better you will look to a prospective employer.
  • Your blog – Blogging is one of the easiest ways to showcase your new skills. Use your professional blog as a place to display samples of your work. Take recent medical studies and blog about them for the general public. Give the blog a professional look that fits in well with the medical industry, avoiding the cutesy look of the mommy-blog genre.
  • Your online bios – Anywhere you have the opportunity to post an online bio, make sure it is focused on your medical writing abilities. You never know when a potential employer will turn to Google.
  • Google + AuthorRank – Learn how to use AuthorRank, and apply it to any medical writing you do. The more your name and face shows up with quality medical writing, the more established you will look, even without two to three years with an employer.

In everything you do online, ask yourself this: would this make me look like a medical writer to a potential employer? If the answer is no, think carefully about the activity, post or article. You are trying to brand yourself as a medical writer, so you must be proactive.

Secret 4 – Network, Network, Network

The most successful medical writers are those who have a large network and know how to work it. Join forums for the medical writing and medical communities. Add yourself to Facebook groups and Twitter chats in the field. Make comments on blogs and in forums so that your name is recognized in the community. Cross-reference other writers and blogs to help their rank and, hopefully, earn yourself return favors in the future. Be friendly and helpful whenever possible, so that people will be willing to help you when you need it.

As you network, don’t forget to do so in person. Go to local conferences, meetings and events in the field to get your name, and your face, known in the medical community. Personal contacts can often turn into professional ones, simply because they know who you are.

Secret 3 – Getting Hired

Now that you have your online presence perfected and look, to the outside world, like an established medical writer, how can you get hired? The truth is that you are still a newbie, and as such many companies, especially those looking for “established” medical writers, won’t give your resume and CV a second glance. So is there hope for getting hired, even with little experience?

The answer is yes, there is. You have two basic ways of finding work as a medical writer if you are new in the field:

On-the-Job Training

Large corporations are often looking for inexperienced writers they can hire. Why is this? Because a newbie is someone they can mold to be exactly the type of writer they want. Because the corporation has a larger budget, they can afford to hire new writers and train them. Also, the new writers receive less compensation than the experienced ones, even though the compensation is still much higher than that which non-medical freelancers make.

How does this work? If a large company hires you as a new medical writer, you will likely be assigned to an experienced writer who will serve as your mentor. That experienced writer will show you the way the company does their writing, and you will be trained while you are being paid for your services.

Partnerships with Experienced Writers

Remember that networking work you did? Use it to find experienced medical writers to partner with. Because experienced medical writers who are good at what they do are often overloaded with work due to of the high demand in this field, they are often willing to create these partnerships. You can handle much of the grunt work, including much of the writing, in return for the training and experience the established writer offers. By splitting the profits, you both win.

Are you ready to transform your stay-at-home mom life into one that brings in a lucrative income? With medical writing, even as a newbie, this is possible. You simply need the right coaching, and that’s what we are here to offer. Contact us today to learn more about how you can become a work-at-home mom earning high compensation as a medical writer.

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