Get What You Deserve in Business, on the Job, and in Life!
  • Are you starting a new business?
  • Are you considering buying one of the most important items in your life, like a home?
  • Did you just receive a job offer?
  • Do you think it is high time you get a pay raise?
All of the above events require you to be a savvy negotiator. Are You?
If not, this is your opportunity to become one, fast and easy!
Even if you know nothing about negotiation but have always wanted to know the best method(s) that generates win-win outcomes most of the time, then you need to keep reading.
The 2nd Edition of Negotiating Success is unique in many ways:


It not only covers the concepts of successful professional negotiations but provides you with step-by-step practical actions that you can use in your upcoming negotiations.


The book demonstrates how negotiation works, outlines options and procedures for negotiation preparation, and identifies common negotiating problemsBasically, those who do not negotiate risk falling victim to those who do.


The book also emphasizes what is happening at the bargaining table, where the action usually is. It is designed to help you achieve success in your business, as well as your personal negotiations.


You will never fear negotiation again after reading this book.  On the contrary, you will look forward to showing off your newly acquired negotiating skills. You will bargain with confidence and seal the deal you want, fast and easy.

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“How to Use the Best Strategy in Negotiation: Walking Away.”

REMEMBER: Smart negotiation will save you time and money and will make you more effective in most of your deals.

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You never know when the opportunity for negotiation may arise. Ensure that you are confident and ready for the task with this book in your hand.

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The author also decided to include tools you can use to assess your negotiation style and make the most of any situation.

The key to effective negotiating is having a negotiation strategy; with this book in your hand (or in your pocket), you’ll be ready. You will become a highly effective negotiator with a ton of money in your bank account rather than handing it over to your counterpart’s bank account.

  • How to thoroughly prepare for the different types of negotiations
  • How to match your negotiation strategy to the situation at hand
  • How to shape the outcome in your favor
  • How to read the body language of your counterpart
  • The Art of Listening – and- the Art of Questioning
  • How to identify the weaknesses of your counterpart nearly immediately
  • To recognize and avoid the most common mistakes made in negotiation
  • Why a win-win outcome in any negotiation is vital
  • Why you should never be the first one to put the offer on the table
  • How to recognize the traps your counterpart may use and how to avoid them
  • When you MUST walk away….and much more…

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Hi, Georgette is here!

I am Georgette Gomry, the author of this book. I am a clinical pharmacist, medical writer, Certified Drug Information specialist and author for the last thirty plus years.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s I was a student in a pharmacy school and graduated with honors. I was the only student that completed a two-year, graduate-level program in order to become a certified Drug Information Specialist.

Nearly immediately following graduation I obtained a managerial-level position in medical writing within the pharmaceutical industry. It was an accomplishment I attributed to the graduate-level psychology courses I was required to take in order to obtain my doctorate degree. These courses guided us on how to go after what we want, taught us that making mistakes should be considered a desirable experience, and proved that nothing is out of our reach.

bday picture at aureoles not bad

So, why you need to become an expert negotiator?

First, the success of your business may depend on it. The ability to negotiate and perform successful contracts may be the most important function of any organization.

Second, your earning power is contingent upon your ability to negotiate your salary and/or salary increases while working for the same company for years.  Depending on your negotiating skills, you will either leave in your wake hundreds of professionals with similar education, experience, and backgrounds with respect to salary and perks; or you will be the one that trails behind others who took the time to obtain the appropriate resources to become successful negotiators.

What you will or will not be able to afford throughout your life will be governed by your negotiating skills

In starting your own business (online or off), if you fail to negotiate every step of the way, you start yourself off at a disadvantage. You will have quite a difficult time building a business when your competitors are savvy with what needs to be negotiated, and doing it successfully.

If you want to learn how to get to win-win outcome in all your negotiations, all the time, you owe it to yourself to own a copy of this book. This could be your most important and most rewarding acquisition you’ll make this year, because even prior to completing the book, you’ll have a chance to become a master negotiator.

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You must have heard the saying that: “The money is in the list.” It is a very true statement. This booklet is a step-by-step guide for identifying, collecting and managing a list of your readers, who are your potential buyers for anything you produce. It is never too early starting building this list, so that you can start making money from Day 1 of publishing your book, or course/workshop, or your services.

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