Did you know that you can hire ghostwriters to write the book that is occupying your mind? Or your heart?

Has anyone ever said to you that you should write a book?

Do you have a great idea for a book, but you don’t feel comfortable to write it on your own?

You are a perfect candidate to work with a ghostwriter.

There is no reason to struggle with getting a book out of your brain or heart. Today’s ghostwriters are highly professional people who are educated and experienced in writing books for you that will be a perfect match to your personality, writing style, voice and appearance. 

Let us guide you how to create an irresistible book, that positions you as the expert in the subject matter of your book. (If you prefer a book coaching service, please click here to get more details. )

We have helped many writers in this capacity. The entire process is easier than you probably thought, and the potential for success is as vast as your imagination.

We can take your ideas and make them spring into life.

We’ve made a career out of helping people just like you transform all kinds of concepts into powerful, well-written books that they are proud to call their own.

The most important thing before you decide to work with a ghostwriter is preparing your interview questions. You will either sit down with the person (preferably personally), to discuss the details and what’s involved in a ghostwriting relationship, as well as getting to know each other; or use Skype for you interview conversation. It is perfectly acceptable when working with individuals long distance.

The emphasis is on listening very carefully to the potential ghostwriter to learn how he/she works with clients, like yourself. You want to make sure that the writer is flexible with respect to topics/time and style. You need to pay attention if the person listens to you attentively while you are talking. Good listeners are known to be good ghostwriters. Naturally, you also want to know about the writer’s experience and educational background.

Basically you have to feel comfortable with whom you will be working closely, possibly  for a few months? There needs to be a high degree of trust between the two of you and a silent understanding about the cooperation process.

Many of today’s ghostwriters are specialized. For instance, we offer extensive experience in medical and health-related topics, food-related topics, including cookbooks, or a combination of health and food, self-help/self-publishing, and specialized small business books. Others specialize in writing memoirs, biographies and some enjoy creating fiction. So you may want to hire someone who specializes in your topics of interest.

We have created three categories to allow us to offer a wide range of professional book-writing rates based on the experience and skillset of a handpicked and exceptionally talented professional book writer.

We do not employ entry-level writers for writing books, so the main difference between the levels of competence of the writers  is the years of experience. The cutoff year is 10, meaning a Level 2 writer has a minimum of 10 years experience in writing professionally. 

A Level 3 writer may have more years of experience, may have completed a more advanced education programs and may have written and published some successful books.

I have seen many well-written books by level 2 writers, because we do not work with writers without experience, sample works and recommendations.

So you can be confident that the only reason we have created this three-tier program, with two-levels writers, is that we can help more writers to publish their book  even if they do not have a huge budget for the purpose.

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Why Choose Us to Ghostwrite Your Book?*

First, because you deserve the very best ghostwriting service that exists online. We provide you the rare opportunity to work with top quality writers, including authors that piublished best sellers.

We will guide you through every step of the ghostwriting process to ensure that your e-book is well written, meticulously edited/proofread and published on the site of your choice. Our staff includes industry experts, some with former positions at top publishing houses.

From the moment you contact us, you will enjoy the highest level of professionalism, customer service, and dedication to excellence. We take great pride in the quality of our work and value enduring professional relationships. Our staff offers decades of combined professional writing experience.

For us every client is unique, which is why we prioritize getting to know you and your book idea to determine how best to achieve your publishing goals. You will be intimately involved not only with your ghostwriter, but with the entire team of ebookauthorities.com throughout the entire ghostwriting and beyond process. We are easily reached via phone, email and in some cases through personal meeting. We enjoy helping clients through every step of the process and aim to be available to you at any time.

Our comprehensive ghostwriting services *guarantee * that your book will be prepared professionally and will be widely available to your subscribers.

Our Premium program is a perfect choice for those of you that may only need a straight forward ghostwriting service because you have completed your due diligence on your own. Meaning? You conducted a thorough research about your topic, evaluated the competition, created an outline (maybe even a TOC for the book). In this case you need a ghostwriter who takes all your data and starts writing.

Naturally, this is the least expensive program, because you have eliminated some of the more time-consuming tasks needed for a thorough program. Moreover, the ghostwriter in this case assumes limited responsibility.

I must advise you, however, that we will still need to interview you and double check the data you providing to us for the project.

At times we may even reject your project.

The fact is, that once we complete writing your book, it is not written anywhere that we based the book on your research, on your determination for viability, or that we used your basic data, etc.

If your data was incorrect, lacking sufficient updated information, or worse than that, was flawed, we may have completed a book that you will struggle to sell. You may also get too many negative comments that will not only affect your bookselling efforts, but reflect badly on us.

We are guarding our reputation fiercely – we only got one. Therefore, even though we would enter you into the plan you are interested to purchase, there is still a risk in working on a project that we had limited control as compared to the projects we started from scratch.

Our Premium Ghostwriting Service is designed to help you to achieve your writing goals. From the initial planning stages to the moment you open the first page of your ebook, we will be your very own dedicated professional writer/consultant and industry expert.

This is what we do, and we’re good at it. We are dedicated to every writer that hires us for becoming an author. Our Premium Ghostwriting Service includes everything you need to transform your concepts and ideas into a well-written, published e-book.

Premium Ghostwriting Service includes:
  • Planning and outlining your book
  • Ghostwriting the original content based on the data provided to us by you
  • Revising the first draft as per your feedback and guidance
  • Meticulously editing the manuscript (MS) to ensure that your text is free of error
  • Thoroughly proofreading the MS to ensure that your text is free from errors
  • Formatting the MS in accordance with the requirement of the online site selected.

2.Advanced Ghostwriting Service


Our Advanced ghostwriting service includes everything that is included in the Premium Ghostwriting service, but here we start from scratch. We are conducting a thorough research about your topic, suggest a specific avenue and/or angle for analyzing and attacking your topic, determining its viability, evaluating the demand and size of potential audience for your book, appraising your competition and creating a detailed  outline for your approval,  (sometimes even a TOC ).

We will be your dedicated ghostwriter and writing consultant throughout the process. In this program, we will also provide you with detailed guidance for self-publishing your book.

Advanced Ghostwriting Service Includes:

  • Conducting interviews
  • Researching your suggested topic to learn as much as possible about it
  • Planning your book
  • Developing an effective Search Engine Optimization for the book
  • Creating a well-rounded outline
  • Writing original content based on the interviews and/or the data obtained through research
  • Revising the first draft as per your feedback and guidance
  • Meticulously double editing the manuscript (MS) to ensure that the text is free of errors
  • Formatting the MS either for Kindle, Nook, Smashwords or other selected publishing tools

The following services are BONUSES (to the best of our knowledge, no other ghostwriting service provides them:           

  • Creating a KILLER title
  • Creating a professional cover
  • Revising the design, if needed, based on your request
  • Writing an AWESOME Description for your book
  • Providing you a written guidance and recommendations for self-publishing your book.

Includes everything listed in the Advanced Ghostwriting Service program, plus:

  • Pre-selling your book
  • Launching your book with flare
  • Publishing your book with the method/platform you prefer
  • Designing and writing your author’s page on Amazon
  • Preparing your squeeze page for selling your book
  • Promoting/marketing your book for 4 weeks post launch
  • We are on-call through the entire time we are working on your book


Check out below some of the testimonials we received so far. We are pleased to have the opportunity to help authors leverage their expertise and develop new revenue streams to complement their books. We look forward to working with you one book, one project, and one author at a time.

“Fantastic job! I’ll back for sure. Thank you!”

Jonathan Affleck – Author of “The Consumer’s Guide to Hair Transplant Surgery: Everything You Wanted To Know About Hair Transplantation”

“Excellent work. Fast, efficient and courteous service. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Rey Fonder and Camille Miles – Authors of“At Least for The Moment….Start Somewhere: (Head Start)”

“Best book description I have ever had. Highly recommended professional team.”

Dustin Tropp – Author of “Running for Local and State Office: 150+ Things You Should Know and Do to Win“