Professional Critique Program

Do not start writing your book until our experts review your idea or topic, the potential title, an outline if you have one, and any other associated work you have created (or are thinking about) for your book.

Do you have a chapter written?    Did you complete your manuscript?
It is not too late to let us review where you are going with it.

A Professional Second Opinion for your Manuscript can save you time, energy, and money. 

You want to ensure that… (Let me correct that)


  • You are on the right track?
  • Do you have a chance of creating a best seller?
  • Are you really ready with your next step? …and so on…

Let our experts Critique your manuscript now – and reap the rewards later.

  • Are you certain that your book idea is something that the world wants to read? Or needs to buy?
  • Could there be a better angle you could take on your topic?
  • Is your topic worth pursuing?
  • Will your book deliver what you are expecting?

We’ll give you the honest, helpful feedback that you need.

We offer professional critiques of your work via various programs:

First, we can review and critique a single chapter or an entire manuscript, so that you can save money and time by not publishing something that is not “good enough” for your reputation. Naturally, it is preferable to review a single chapter and then guide you toward the right direction.

Or better yet, send us your potential topic, target market, suggested title, and other early-stage products and we will help you by either:

  • supporting your idea completely or
  • after a thorough analysis, directing you toward a somewhat different, more promising direction or
  • suggesting that you look at your topic from a different angle or
  • providing you with a completely alternative path.

It is much easier to correct the errors that may come through from a single chapter of 4 to 5 pages vs. a completed manuscript with 100 or more pages.

The idea is to better ensure your success as early as possible.

Our experts will show you exactly what to work on; we may even suggest you change your topic in order to reduce (or even eliminate) wasting your time and energy writing about a topic that is not in sufficient demand.

You do not want to write a book that will make you enter an uphill battle to sell your book.

Please note! This service is not an editorial/proofreader type of critique. Experts here only look at the general quality of the writing, the viability of your topic and how it is handled, analyzed, and reported.

We may also evaluate if your manuscript is clearly directed toward your target market, is well-researched, appears to be useful, will draw the attention of the “right” people, and other similar issues that may determine the success of the book in the market.

But this service is NOT for everyone; our critique service is for you if:

  1. You’re looking for professional feedback on what works and what doesn’t.
  2. You want to have a clear idea about how to improve your work, how to ensure its success, and you won’t be dismayed if we suggest a 360-degree change for your work.
  3. You want to take your writing to the next level.
  4. Your aim is to publish a bestseller.
  5. You want to grow in your profession.
  6. You appreciate honest critiques that may not always be positive; in fact, many times our critiques may include negative comments for your benefit.
  7. You know how not to take anything personally.

After reading your submission, our professional critique experts will provide you with detailed, specific feedback and suggestions in a timely fashion (number of days will depend on your submission).

Although our aim is to help authors in producing top quality e-books that will be in demand, have the potential to become bestseller and will not require the author to enter an uphill battle for selling, – we do accept other type(s) of publications such as blog posts, white papers, small reports, and more.

In these cases the experts will comment on the topic, title, structure, writing style, opening, and closing of your post, and they may even evaluate the fit of the topic with your blog niche.



  • For the early stage evaluation (includes only the topic or idea, potential title, target market, etc.)
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  • For MS and other writing projects up to 10,000 words
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Once you’ve made the payment, please send your submission using the form below. Fill out the form below to get valuable feedback on your book idea or about your manuscript.

  • What is most important to you? (You can select as many as you think apply to you, but please prioritize)




Check out below some of the testimonials we received so far. We are pleased to have the opportunity to help authors leverage their expertise and develop new revenue streams to complement their books. We look forward to working with you one book, one project, and one author at a time.

“Fantastic job! I’ll back for sure. Thank you!”

Jonathan Affleck – Author of “The Consumer’s Guide to Hair Transplant Surgery: Everything You Wanted To Know About Hair Transplantation”

“Excellent work. Fast, efficient and courteous service. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Rey Fonder and Camille Miles – Authors of“At Least for The Moment….Start Somewhere: (Head Start)”

“Best book description I have ever had. Highly recommended professional team.”

Dustin Tropp – Author of “Running for Local and State Office: 150+ Things You Should Know and Do to Win“